Make membership a priority!

Purchasing a membership helps to financially support the cultural centre.  In return, members receive discounted admission prices to select events hosted by the cultural centre, discounts with regards to renting our facilities, and a free printed monthly newsletter.  As a member you also get a chance to influence the direction of the cultural centre by being able to vote in our elections.

New membership cards are distributed each year.  Membership is on a calendar year basis, regardless of when a membership fee is purchased.  This means that the membership fee is not pro-rated.  The cost is $40 per person.  For senior citizens (65 ) the fee is $30.

If paying by cheque, the cheque should be made out to "Hungarian Cultural Centre - Mindszenty Hall".

We encourage everyone to submit membership fees to our Membership Convenor Sandor Toth.

Telephone:   519-966-7013
e-mail:          at38@aol.com

Mail cheque to:
Sandor Toth,
4180 Mt. Carmel,
Windsor, Ontario
N9G 2E1