Printed Newsletter

Every month we send out a printed newsletter to club members at no additional charge.  A member does not need to register for this service because the printed newsletter is mailed out automatically to all members.

The printed newsletter contains some (not all) of the information that is contained on our website.  The printed newsletter mainly focuses on upcoming events and select news & announcements.  It is ideal for those without internet access or for those who simply prefer a printed list of events. 

For those with internet access (members and non-members alike) we highly recommend the website since it is information complete and always up to date.  Also, the website contains frequent additions to the News & Announcements page, and some of these may not find their way into the printed newsletter due to the static nature of printed material.

Previously, we allowed non-members to subscribe to an e-mail list in order to receive a MS-Word document version of the printed monthly newsletter.  At the end of February we will stop sending out such e-mails. Non-members and members alike can see all the information that was previously e-mailed and a lot more on our new website.  Please note that members will continue to receive a printed monthly newsletter.